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Costa Blanca - North

The Costa Blanca occupies the heart of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline, a land of light and colour bathed by the sea. Extending from Denia to Murcia, it covers almost 140 kilometres of some of the most beautiful coastal scenery to be found anywhere along Mediterranean shores. Characterised not only by it's scenic beauty but also by a rich diversity of landscapes and settings, the Costa Blanca is made up of a series of clearly differentiated regions. From the shallow lagoons and extensive sand dunes of the south to the deeply indented rocky coves and bays of the north, this privileged corner of Spain offers everything that has made this country so highly favoured with visitors and residents alike.

With more than 20 kilometres of clean golden beaches, the landscape gradually changes into a curtain of mountains that run parallel to the sea. Dramatic cliffs and private sandy coves with majestic granite outcrops provide a panoramic delight as they guard the entrance to sparkling blue bays. At Cabo de la Nao, the south-eastern-most point of the Spanish Mainland, it is possible to glimpse the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, approximately 90 kilometres distant.

The clear blue waters and stunning underwater scenery make it a diver's paradise, while the setting of the sun, as it bathes sea, sky and land in a rich golden glow, is an experience not easily forgotten. Further south, the cliffs are a creamy white tint from which the Costa Blanca (white coast) derives its name. Covered with Mediterranean scrub and coastal pine, this is an area whose romantic lighthouses and ancient ruins encapsulate the history and soul of the Mediterranean. While the coast boasts excellent transport facilities of motorways, railways, ferry ports and 3 international airports, Costa Blanca is one of the most stunning and unspoilt areas in Europe. With average temperatures between 18 & 28 degrees the climate is not only healthy-rated one of the best by the World Health Organisation - but also made just for you, with Hotels, health and fitness spas, 19 golf courses and every water sport imaginable.