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Buying a property overseas can be either hassle free or a nightmare, depending on the choice of organizations involved and guidance provided- this can be incredibly easy!

There has been some publicity about "land grabbing" but the main cases are in the province of Valencia where there is a new law relating to urbanisation of land. Some cases have, however, been incorrectly reported so it is wise to ensure when you are purchasing a property in Spain to check out the laws appertaining to the area in which you are buying.

As long as you have been referred to a reputable Company in Spain, the check will have already been carried out. The good news is that the law has changed generally in Spain and there is now much greater control, which can only be good for British owners and investors.

Our advice is always purchase any property overseas is to use established, reputable agents and lawyers who have proven track records in their specific fields. Costa Blanca partners have been checked and can provide the standard expected and required.

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